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Tibetan Terriers

In Tibet, the Tibetan Terriers were referred to as the "Little People" and the term fits them perfectly. They love people, being very sympathetic to the moods of the ones they are devoted to.

The Tibetan Terrier is NOT a true terrier. The name was given to them in India because it was a small dog. The breed has neither the hyperactivity nor the aggressiveness characteristic of some of the terriers.

The Tibetan Terrier has a coat that requires care. it is, however, a coat that repels dirt. It has no doggy odor. Many people who are allergic to other dogs can live happily ever after with their Tibetans.

The breed is very special in many ways. They tend to be long-lived and are not prone to health problems. They are also extremely intelligent and often seem to reason.

Their double coat does not shed except within itself, therefore hair is not found on furniture, etc. They are sure-footed and have a wonderful gait. They are athletic when you are but can be real couch potatoes if that is more your style. They love to ride in cars. Their greatest joy is to be with you as a best friend.